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Translation and Interpreting in Greece

We are making ongoing efforts at the Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) to secure equivalency status for our members so that our seal may be accepted by all public sector agencies in Greece.

Current status

At this time (2019), the only entities legally entitled to provide official translations are the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translation Service, attorneys and, under certain circumstances, graduates of the Ionian University, many of whom are PEM members.

PEM has stated its objections to the artificial conveyance of translation work, official or otherwise, to specific groups of professionals as a result of contradictory and deficient legislation, combined with the ignorance, fear and bias of a sizeable section of public administration and local authorities.

What we are seeking

We are preparing a comprehensive legislative proposal that would establish equal, fair and effective regulation of the official translation and court interpreting system in Greece.

Under this proposal, translators who meet internationally accepted professional competency standards would be empowered to add their seal to their translations, provided they have first been recognised as official translators.

The draft law we are preparing rests on pillars which include the establishment of a national registry of official translators and court interpreters, based on internationally recognised standards (ISO) and professional competency criteria.

T. +30 2310 266 308 • Email info@pem.gr

T. +30 2310 266 308 • Email info@pem.gr


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