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Board Members

The Board of the Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) consists of 7 members. The General Meeting appoints the Board Members every 2 years.

Duties of the Board Members

The PEM Board meets ordinarily every 45 days, but also extraordinarily. The Board Members ought to participate in meetings either in person or online.

Where a Board Member is absent for 3 consecutive meetings, the member shall be declared to have resigned by decision of the Board.

Meet the Board Members for the 2022-2024 mandate

Vassiliki Dadavassili, President


Vassiliki is a graduate of the Department of French Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Postgraduate Degree in Professional Translation from the University of Strasbourg.

From 1994 to 2011 she worked as a translator and interpreter at the office she set up in Kalamata. She also worked for 15 years as a foreign language teacher (English and French), adult educator and training coordinator in Greek municipalities and in the context of European projects. Wishing to instil the same passion into her work and with the desire to capitalise on her rich experience, in 2016, she created her new agency, offering bespoke translation and interpreting services.

Vassiliki has been a member of the PEM since 1995. She has served as Vice President of the Board for the 2000-2002 term and as Member of the Board for the 2018-2020 term. She has been the President of PEM since 2020.

Vicky Ghionis, Vice President


Vicky holds degrees in Finance and Criminology from the University of Melbourne.

She has been working as a freelance translator since 2000, specialising in medical and financial texts, and as a digital copywriter since 2014. She taught translation from 2004 to 2016 at Glossologia School of Translation in Athens, where she was also the coordinator for all the distance learning courses. Her direct clients include Hygeia Group, Euroclinic Group, Metropolitan Hospital and Eurobank. She has also been an external associate of the European Central Bank since 2015.

Vicky has been a full member of PEM since 2017 and has served as Vice President of the Disciplinary Board for the 2018-2020 term. She has been the Vice President of PEM since 2020.

Anastasia Giagopoulou, Secretary General


Anastasia holds a degree in English Language and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She also holds an MA degree in Translation and Intercultural Studies from UMIST, UK and a certificate in the Strategy of Content Marketing from the University of California, Davis Extension.

She has been working as a freelance translator since 2004. Her areas of expertise include technical, commercial and marketing, and her working languages are English and Greek (native). She works with translation agencies and direct clients in Greece and internationally. She is a proficient user of many CAT tools, such as SDL Trados Studio, MemSource, memoQ and more.

Anastasia has been a full member of PEM since 2007 and has served as Member of the Board for the 2018-2020 term. She has been the Secretary General of PEM since 2020.

Dimitris Moutafis, Treasurer


Dimitris holds a BSc in Business Administration, a Postgraduate Certificate in Global Society and Media Communication and a Master’s Degree in Professional Translation. He also holds a Diploma in Translation (DipTrans IoLET) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists and he is a Certified Social Media Marketer.

He has been working as a freelance English <> Greek translator since 2007, specialising in EU, business and marketing texts, while since 2012 he has been working as a social media & digital marketing trainer and consultant for various businesses and private schools. In 2015, he became the owner of a translation agency, which is a member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA).

Dimitris has been a member of PEM since 2017. He is also a member of the Hellenic Society for Terminology (ELETO) and the Hellenic Network for Terminology (EDO). He has been the Treasurer of PEM since 2020.

Valentini Kalfadopoulou, Member


Valentini is a PhD candidate at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, Ionian University (DFLTI), and a graduate, with distinction, from MSc Technoglossia. She has taught in the USA, at Pima College and the University of Arizona, for a number of years.

She has been working in the field of translation, editing, proofreading, QA and terminology extraction since 1997 and in 2004 she joined Oracle. She is an active member of the international ASTM “Committee F43 on Language Services and Products – WK54884 – Holistic Quality Evaluation System for Translation”. She is a geek, which means she is almost always online in forums, social media or Twitter.

Valentini is a member of: PEM (since 2017), the Hellenic Society for Translation Studies, the Mediterranean Editors and Translators, the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, the National Association of Judicial Interpreters & Translators and the Hellenic Network for Terminology (EDO). She has been a Member of the PEM Board since 2020.

Dimitris Bountsolas, Member


Dimitris has Spanish as his mother tongue. After finishing English Philology at Salamanca University, Spain, in 2001 he perfected his Greek language skills at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2018 he started a Master in Audiovisual Translation Localization in Madrid.

He started his career as a freelance translator in Thessaloniki in 2002. Since 2006, he has been based in Madrid, working with translation agencies, companies and customers around Europe. He is member of the Spanish Translators’ Association (Asetrad) and IAPTI.

Dimitris has been a full member of PEM since 2017 and has served as President of the Disciplinary Board for the 2018-2020 term. He has been a Member of the PEM Board since 2020.

Effie Fragkou, Member


Effie (Effrossyni) is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literature of the University of Athens (NKUA), specializing in translation theory and practice and in healthcare interpreting. She holds the following degrees: BA in French Language and Literature (NKUA); MA in Trilingual Translation (ITIRI/France); MA in Translation Studies (York University, Canada); PhD in Translation Studies (University of Ottawa, Canada).

She is a trilingual translator (since 1992) and healthcare interpreter (2002-onward). Since 2012, she has been teaching English <> French healthcare interpreting in the MA programme of Conference Interpreting at York University. At the NKUA, she teaches technical and specialised translation, interpreting theory and practice, medical interpreting, etc. She is also actively present in the academia with numerous publications.

Effie has been a member of PEM since 2016, while she is a former member of ATIO, CTTIC and IMIA. She was also a member of the ISO 21998 working group. She has been a Member of the PEM Board since 2020.

Past Boards


President: Vassiliki Dadavassili

Vice President: Vicky Ghionis

Secretary General: Anastasia Giagopoulou

Treasurer: Dimitris Moutafis

Members: Valentini Kalfadopoulou, Dimitris Bountsolas, Effie Fragkou


President: Fotis Fotopoulos

Vice President: Evdoxia Renta

Secretary General: Maya Fourioti

Treasurer: Katerina Kravva

Members: Anastasia Giagopoulou, Marianna Milunovic (withdrew in 2019), Vassiliki Dadavassili (assumed duties in 2019), Mariza Syrelli


President: Fotis Fotopoulos

Vice President: Angelos Kaklamanis

Secretary General: Marianna Milunovic

Treasurer: Rayna Diamandieva

Member: Evdoxia Renta


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