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Working Groups and Project Management

The Project Management Office (PMO) of the Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) began its operation in summer 2018. This office plans and concludes PEM projects, applying project management procedures. It consists of working groups.

Working groups

The provisions regarding the institution of working groups (WGs) are outlined in Article 28C of PEM’s Articles of Association.

All PEM members may participate in working groups:

The working group assigns the role of Group Coordinator to one of its members.

This website was the first PEM project carried out applying project management procedures.

Duties of the working groups

A working group is not responsible for just getting things done, but for getting things done right.

Its duties include:

  • Establishing recurring procedures, so that there is no need to go over them each time.
  • Setting and maintaining intermediate milestones.
  • Assigning and undertaking project management.
  • Managing suppliers and external associates.

The PEM Board oversees all PMO projects.

2022- 2024 Working Groups

There are currently 9 Working Groups; each one is consists of approx. 5-8 members, coordinated by one of its members and supervised by a BoD member:


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