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Observers are natural or legal persons who wish to attend Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) open proceedings. They must be approved by decision of the Board of Directors or the General Meeting.

The role of Observers

The provisions regarding the institution of Observers are outlined in Article 5B of PEM’s Articles of Association.

Observers may attend PEM’s open proceedings, such as the General Meeting.

They do not have the right to stand for election or to vote at the General Meeting; they do not pay dues and are not listed on PEM’s register.

How to become an Observer

Eligible to become Observers are:

  • Prospective new members
  • Companies
  • Public entities
  • Independent authorities

To become an Observer, contact the PEM Secretariat.


T. +30 2310 266 308 • Email info@pem.gr


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