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FAQs when looking for a translator/interpreter

Get answers to your frequently asked questions when looking for a translator or interpreter. Dealing with the translation/interpreting market is not a simple matter. We are here to help you.
What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

Translators convey meaning from one language to another in writing, while interpreters do so orally.

Translation of documents

If your business activities include documents that must be worded in a different language, then you need a translator.

Translation is a process that may require days or longer to complete, depending on the volume and nature of the text.

Find a PEM translator.

Verbal communication

If you wish to communicate with others in a foreign language, e.g. at a conference or at a business meeting, then you need an interpreter.

Interpreting takes place in real time and the result is delivered immediately.

Find a PEM interpreter.

Translation of audiovisual material

If you need to translate a corporate video or a film, then you need a subtitler.

Subtitlers have been specially trained in the translation of audiovisual material, a discipline that requires condensation of meanings and timing of subtitles. They have also been trained in the use of special subtitling software.

If your material needs to be accessible to visually impaired individuals, then you need audio description.

How much does translation, interpreting, subtitling and text editing cost?

Translation costs

Translations are charged:

  • By the word.
  • By the page (where 1 page is equal to 250 words).
  • By the folio (16 pages, only for books / literary translation).

On rare occasions, translations may be charged by the number of characters or by the hour.

There may also be a surcharge for:

  • Urgent translations.
  • Translations that must be completed over a weekend or holiday.

The work is usually charged based on the original text. However, in certain cases, it may be charged based on the translated text.

Furthermore, translators have a minimum charge for projects that do not exceed, for example, 250 words. Each professional will inform you on a case-by-case basis.

Interpreting cost

Interpreting is usually charged by the day. The charge includes the interpreter’s cost for blocking off the day, preparation, transport, etc.
Any transport and accommodation expenses may be charged upon agreement.

If the duration of the service significantly exceeds the duration agreed upon, there may be a surcharge.

Generally speaking, there is a minimum charge per day, especially in cases where the duration of the service is expected to be small.

Furthermore, if you cancel an interpreting assignment, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee.

Subtitling cost

Subtitling is charged by the minute of the film or episode. The same applies for dubbing or audio description.

Editing/proofreading cost

Editing/proofreading is usually charged:

  • By the hour.
  • By the word.
  • By the page (250 words).
  • By the folio (16 pages, only for books / literary translation).
Who provides certified translations?

You can receive certified translations from:

In any event, make sure beforehand whether the body or authority where you will be submitting the translated document has specific certification requirements.

In certain cases, document certification (Apostille) may be requested to certify the authenticity of the original document.


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